Monday, August 18, 2008

sister dresses

I wonder if the day is going to come when the girls hate me for dressing them alike whenever I can. In my defense, they seem to enjoy it now. My mother did the same and I think I was in the third grade before I refused to do it anymore.
That gives me two more years to enjoy stuff like this.
These are from an old McCalls pattern(not vintage, just a hand-me-down from about 10 years ago). They have a zipper up the back. I think any jumper pattern would work for this. Just add a second layer in the skirt for the apron and insert some ties into the bodice side seam. (I love jumper patterns because they make great sundresses for now and in the cool weather, just add a tee or turtleneck for a year round dress. These are going to be pressed into service for Thanksgiving.)

Just be sure the skirt is very full.

Because you have to be able to twirl.
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Tuli said...

Wonderful Thanksgiving dresses -- so bright and cheery.

And I love that the doll dress is the same but opposite.

Badger said...

I am in LOVE with that floral fabric! I'd like to have a tablecloth made out of that. Or curtains. Something I could look at every day.

LOVE the apron jumpers, too! My girl won't even wear dresses anymore, sigh.

blackbird said...

So pretty...

Rebekah said...

so adorable! I love the fabric you used :)

Suse said...

I always desperately wanted a sister so we could dress alike.

And then I grew up and dressed my boys alike.

Poppy Buxom said...

You continue to amaze me.

The coordinating doll dress would have made me faint if I weren't already acclimated to the greatness that is your sewing skills.

MsCellania said...

The dresses are lovely.
I still dress my sons alike every chance I get. When we travel, they dress alike day in/day out. That way, if one loses us, we can point to the other one and say "He looks kinda like this one and has on the exact same clothes!" And for some reason, they have taken to wearing the exact same pjs every night. They run in and yell "Look! We're TWINS!"
You have an incredible sewing talent. Your chilluns are lucky!

Patty said...

These dresses are so pretty! When I see the clothes you make for your girls, I wish you would adopt me. :)