Friday, August 8, 2008

sew, jackie, sew!

Doing a little cheerleading here - Faithful reader, Jackie, sent me these photos of some pants she was inspired to make after I posted the crabby pants in June. It's taken me so long to get them up here that in the meantime she's sewn more pants, tops and baby items than I can count. She's thrifty too!
This pair was made from a thrifted sheet.
This pair is 2.50/yd sale linen. Both used Simplicity 4190.

Excellent work! Keep going Jackie!
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Jackie said...

Thanks for cheering me on.

Badger said...

Ooo! I LOVE the linen pants. I'd like to find a similar pattern but with a slightly wider leg (because I am all about the wide leg right now, yo).