Tuesday, August 5, 2008

procrastination sewing

There are a lot of things I should have been doing last week. -Finishing up not one, but two quilt blocks for Common Threads(I haven't forgotten you Melissa!), pulling out some half finished projects (there are plenty to choose from), working on Trixie's upcoming birthday presents, or even taking pictures of things I've finished recently so I could get them up here.
Instead, I made a new purse. Like I needed another one. What is it about the urge to do something so unnecessary when the to-do list of important stuff is so long?
The pattern is Latte by Melly & Me.

Linen is becoming a theme around here.

The pattern didn't call for all the topstitching in the handles, but it gave them some extra heft. I really like how they turned out. I also skipped the instructions to sew them as a tube. Instead, they were cut 4" wide, folded in half and then the sides were folded in toward the center again - much like double fold bias tape only bigger. Then I edgestitched and topstitched the whole shebang. Much easier and sturdier than a two layer tube. Plus, no turning it inside out!

The interior pockets are also an addition to the pattern. There are two on the other side for a cell phone and lipstick.
Quick question for anyone who can help - I bought some linen that I thought was softer than it actually is. After the first washing it felt like sandpaper. Not something I'd want to sew into pants - which is what I intended. I googled the problem and all I've come up with is the not so helpful suggestion to use fabric softener. Uh, thanks, I might not have thought of that on my own... I've thrown the yardage through the wash about 4 times now and it's somewhat better. Any other ideas out there to speed the process up?
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Tuli said...

Oooh, lovely bag! A bag can never have too many pockets for those little things that normally get shuffled to the bottom.

Good luck with the sandpaper linen!

Carol said...

This bag is fantastic; I love that pattern and of course, your choices and execution are fantastic.

Maybe put the linen in the sand box with the kids and have them drive tonka trucks on it?

blackbird said...

That purse goes nicely with my apron.
(Not that I NEED a purse, mind you.)

Rebekah said...

cute bag! I love the pink linen :)

jordiw said...

Very cute bag, love the innards also. I would be tempted to wash the linen with something that would beat it up a little like sneakers..well, maybe not sneakers but heavy towels things that would abrade and soften it, not just by itself.

Trish said...

love Love LOVE that bag!

Stephanie said...

I just caught up on your blog and could comment on every post! First, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Her gifts are so much fun.

And I love this purse! And your apron that holds the cel & feather duster. perfection. :)