Monday, August 25, 2008

monday's laundry day

Our neighbor just headed off to college. We sent her off with a gift card for Target and a way to tote her stuff down to the laundry room.
This was a class model that I'd sewn about two years ago. The pattern is from In Stitches. The fabrics are by Amy Butler as well. As much as I love how it turned out, it never got used here. Best to send it off where it will get used and appreciated.
This wasn't in the pattern, but was part of the class. It's a matching coin purse to hold all those dimes and quarters you'll need. The strap was made extra long so it could be wrapped around a belt loop or strap and have the purse run through it to keep it handy.

Now I need to go face the mountain of laundry in my own basement.
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Rebekah said...

this is such a cute present for someone going off to college. I love the fabric on the laundry bag :)