Tuesday, September 9, 2008

dick and jane's log cabin

I'm supposed to be finishing up things that are in my WIP bin. Naturally, anything new appeals to me far more than what I should be working on.
I caved in last week and made a wonky log cabin style pillow. I did manage to do it in one sitting so it didn't add to the WIP pile and I limited myself to the scrap bin only (except for the backing). The pieced top was ironed onto fusible fleece and then quilted to make the process run a little faster.
Ellie has already asked if it's hers because many of the fabrics are in her Christmas quilt. No, I'm hanging onto it for now. It fits perfectly in the small of my back on my sewing chair.
The back view - I should have made it slightly larger - the pillow form is trying to bust out.

I finally found a good use for my favorite new buttons.

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