Sunday, September 7, 2008

the kids

Our official first day of school poses on the front porch.
Off to middle school.
Headed to her first full day of school in first grade.


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be*mused jan said...

Where's the shot of Mom's smiling face? ;-)

blackbird said...

Trixie cannot POSSIBLY be going to preschool.
It can't be.

Carol said...

So adorable. Love Trixie's ensemble. Did Glenn take your photo? Nice shot. Love the one with Dad and girls.

Tuli said...

OMG it's the monkey dress! I LOVE THE MONKEY DRESS! And Trixie looks adorable in it.

jacquie said...

what a great pic of dad heading off with the girls. so cute. hope they all had great days.

Michael said...

Love the photos. Especially the one of Chris with the girls.