Friday, September 12, 2008

a short time ago, in a boy's room very close by

Not the usual sort of project I post here, but let me tell you, putting these shelves up WAS a project. I spent the better part of last Sunday giving Glenn an "older room". We'd moved furniture and replaced window treatments several weeks ago, but the shelving didn't go on sale until last week.

He's now got a clear desk area for homework(provided I remind him every blasted day to clean it off before going to bed), a spot for his hamster and plenty of display space for stuff.

Most importantly, there's room for his Lego Star Wars models.

I've wanted to hang some of them up for ages, but couldn't bring myself to make a hole in the ceiling (that I'd have to eventually repair). The shelves made it a lot easier. I just tied fishing line in large loops over a shelf and then slid the wings into a loop on either side of the model. He can still take them down to play. The Millenium Falcon was propped up on a plate stand from Hobby Lobby.

He's actually played with the models more since they've been put out. Last time I checked, Yoda and Darth Vader were having a light saber duel in front of Yoda's hut.
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Tuli said...

I recently put shelves up like that in my library. They are the best shelves ever.

MsCellania said...

We will need to do this older boy room soon for Oldest. I bet we have over $1000 worth of legos in this house, half of them Star Wars. All disassembled! They make so many other contraptions out of them, some astonishingly clever.
You've given me some good ideas, as usual. Thanks!

blackbird said...

My boys would be very proud.
(They've been Lego-ing the past couple of weekends.)

Susie Sunshine said...

You realize if the ELFA stuff goes with him when he moves out, you have created the perfect man, right?

Wendy said...

Susie, I put the good stuff in his room because I'm eyeing it for a sewing room as soon as he leaves for college.

Do you think I could get him to graduate from high school early?