Tuesday, September 23, 2008

liberty top

Summer's over, but I keep thinking about this wall. It was mecca for me. Dozens of Liberty prints all in one place, more than I could take in at one time. I'd planned to buy enough to make one piece of clothing for myself. Since the price per yard is a bit extravagant, I settled on a pattern that I'd had success with and didn't require much yardage. In other words, I wasn't making a full skirted dress out of a vintage pattern in my "someday" pile.
I went with a top that I'd made before. In fact, I'd made it for that trip.

There was enough left for a headband/belt/scarf thingy. (Not the greatest photo here, but it was the one that hid the gray in my hair the best.)

I bought a stack of Liberty fat quarters too. I'm afraid to cut them.
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You should just frame those fat quarters.