Monday, September 8, 2008

lunch date - school edition

It's back to packing lunches around here.
Over the past few years we've elimated as much of the disposable stuff as we can. I've got some cheap flatware that doesn't matter if it disappears. (I learned this lesson after the second good spoon got thrown in the lunchroom trash.) We have all manner of containers for food. It never occurred to me that if we use cloth napkins a lot at home, they could go in lunchboxes as well.
I made a set of these for Ellie out of an 8" long piece of fabric. The width was cut into 5 equal pieces and the all the sides hemmed up. They're small, but how much more does a first grader need?
I'm happy to report that they didn't go in the trash at school either.
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1 comment:

MsCellania said...

GREAT idea!
I love your photos of your hand made things - they are lovely.
And you have such beautiful little models!