Friday, October 2, 2009

need a boost?

I suppose this could be a thrifty thursday post, but I was so anxious to have this ready to be used I can actually post it as a finished project!
Trixie has been too big for a high chair for a long time(she was also the kid that climbed out of it when I wasn't looking, making it an accident waiting to happen). I'd gotten rid of the portable booster we had for the other two when they didn't fit on previous dining chairs very well. For some reason, I never bought another one. Trixie would just kneel at mealtime(which she didn't seem to mind in the least) until a friend's son, came up with the idea of using one of their old car booster seats , so Trixie wouldn't have to kneel when we visited for lunch. (Adina, I still think that boy is a genius.) When we came home I pulled one of our extra boosters that I use for carpooling out of the garage and put it into service in the dining room.
Then I spotted this at the local thrift shop on Tuesday for $2.00.
Check out that harvest colored plaid vinyl - a blast from my past.
I know I had a chair like this growing up - not sure if the vinyl is a match, but the chair's design is. I'd have left the vinyl alone if it hadn't been worn through in several places. I needed to remove the metal arms to buff off a little rust with steel wool as well.
And now, with some oilcloth from the stash, it's good as new. Trixie says she much prefers the pink to the old colors.

(I'll post my score from thrifting with Poppy late next week. It'll be worth the wait.)
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be*mused jan said...

!!!!!!!! Love it. And it looks very Trixie-ish.

Buzz's Food Lady said...

so good!
My grandma had one of these at her house for us wee ones. I think it was red sparkely vinyl. Oh my.


Tuli said...

I'm with Rossie - I remember red sparkly vinyl boosters.
Great find! Great oil cloth!