Thursday, October 8, 2009

thrifty thursday - part five

Back to the sewing/craft area:
Some borders that never found their way into a quilt. I thought Ellie might want to turn them into something. At a quarter, I'm not out much if she doesn't care for the colors.
Poppy and I went through a whole pile of these handpainted pieces - also a quarter each. I picked out these two and, of course, we found a poppy to go home with her.

I need an embroidery pattern that uses a lot of greys -

Covered button kits, hooks and eyes, snaps, but mostly awesome old packaging -
(Snap lady is giving me the creeps though - she has those eyes that can follow you.)

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Tuli said...

Snap lady has one snap-eye. Maybe the installation of another snap would cure her of her creepy gene.

More great finds. You are the crafty rummage-sale queen! I hope there are more posts to come today. :)

carte memoire said...

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