Thursday, October 8, 2009

thrifty thursday - part six

This is it, the last of the finds - a bit of a hodge podge.
The holiday area had one flashback after another for me. I remember making those little angels in Girl Scouts. These are attached to that piece of chicken wire to make them into a mobile. However, I've cut myself on it about 3 times, so they'll be set free very soon and turned into individual ornaments. The little basket is filled with sewing notions - you can just barely see the tiny shears poking out over the edge. I made clothespin ornaments when I was little too, but none as elaborate as the town crier. I think tin soldiers were as fancy as I got. The red, upside down heart, is a cookie cutter covered in ribbon with a little wooden angel glued on it. Super cute, super easy project for gifts. That little horse and cart caught my eye too. Chris' family is of Polish descent. I'll have to show it to Basia and ask her if she knows anything about this sort of decoration.
I had these when I was little too. Now the girls have them. They came along at a perfect time. I just pitched tons of play cardboard food boxes that they insist on ripping into or leaving on the floor where they get crushed. These have survived for the past 4o years. Hopefully, they can survive my girls.

I've saved my big splurge (as far as rummage sales go) for last:

A vintage machine. The color is somewhere between blue and green, though online I see it described as robin's egg blue. Whatever the name, it's lovely. Even more so, now that I've cleaned it up. I still need to make a new handle for the case - the leather is long gone.

She's also waiting for a tune up, but one of the women manning the sewing area tested all the machines and I know it runs. The fabric had a stitching sample she'd run on it. The box contains a few accessories - mostly bobbins and another thread pin. Do I need another machine? No. However, I'm going to consider myself well-behaved in that I didn't throw myself at the featherweight they also had for sale (at $400). I'm justifying this with the fact that we have three people in the house who know how to use a sewing machine. Surely, there will be times when more than one will be running.
The irony that Oprah has run a show on hoarders the morning I decide to post all this is not lost on me. ; )
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Tuli said...

I love the little mushroom ornament. But my favorite is the quilted elephant.

Your new sewing machine is wonderful. That blue!

harriet M. Welsch said...

This was a nostalgia trip for me. I learned to sew on a machine exactly like that one -- my mother's. Although hers was built into a fold-out sewing table, I'm sure it's the same one. And I had those milk bottles too. I had forgotten all about them. I think there were six of them -- three of each color -- in a little crate like we used to get from the milkman so you could carry them all at once.

Stephanie said...

aw man, I'm bummed I missed the hoarders episode! Anyways, great stuff. I would LOVE to find the chocolate fp milk bottle...always my favorite as a kid. :)

carte memoire said...

Nice stuff! You have nice collection since from your childhood. I like it. You saved them very carefully as they are looking new till yet. Thanks for sharing such nice pictures of them. It is nice to post here. You created nice blog. I will visit it in future too.

Poppy Buxom said...

Wendy, I'm impressed you managed to get all this up! Some of my loot is still sitting on the hall table waiting to be put away.

I'm looking forward to next year!

blackbird said...

All this with Poppy?!
It's too much!
AND, I'm jealous.

cc said...

That's my machine!!!!! Well it's identical to the one I got when I was in junior high. Still have it. Keep it at my summer cottage and use it often.

wii controller said...

Thats really nice!!! I like the new one a lot. It is a great one for everything.