Thursday, October 8, 2009

thrifty thursday - part one

As promised - a post about the rummage sale to beat all rummage sales. In fact, there's so much to show you that I have to do a series today. Actually, I have to do a series because I still can't get more than 4 photos to show up per post. (If you have any idea why this might be - please email me and let me know. I've given up and simply use it as an editing device.)
Before I start, let me just say that I wish I'd taken pictures during the day. This rummage sale had tents and buildings and maps of where items were located. Volunteers had on aprons to identify them. They were cheerful and ready to direct you to the proper building or room. There was even a free bag check so you wouldn't be burdened with early purchases all day. Police were there directing traffic. It was truly an organizational marvel. I enjoyed that as much as the shopping. I know, I'm weird. Let's just say that my hat is off to the men and women that put this show on each year.
On to the purchases:
Poppy and I hit the sewing craft area first. She is a very patient companion. Not only did she not complain once while I rummaged through table after table of notions and fabric, she even spotted these for me -

I'm thinking that last one would not be the least bit flattering on anybody other than a stick thin child. I can't imagine how many women were drawn in by its promise of 2 easy pieces.
If you're catching this post early in the day, I'll be adding more throughout the day as I have time.
I thought I'd get other projects up this week, but we have workers here this week and my days have been taken up getting things ready for them - painting doors that need to be hung, emptying areas of the house that they'll be working in...
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