Wednesday, October 28, 2009

selvage cuff

I could have sworn I posted this project over the summer when I made it. When I put up the Waste Not, Want Not quilt I was going to reference this as my "starter project". A quick look at my archives and then my picassa account proved it didn't exist in blogland.
So here you are, the project I used to get my feet wet before starting the selvage quilt.
Like a lot of you who have accumulated a decent amount of selvages, but are afraid to just begin, I decided I should do something with less of a commitment.
A simple rectangle of muslin is the base (just as with the quilt blocks). This is where I played with how closely I could edgestitch my strips and how I wanted to balance plain and printed pieces. You can see on this project I chose to elimate any of the actual fabric print.
After the selvage piece was put together, it was sewn right sides together with another piece of muslin with an opening on one long side for turning. Do the usual thing - clip corners, turn the cuff right sides to, and press that baby flat. I closed the opening with two rows of edgestitching, added some vintage mother of pearl buttons and snaps for the closure.
My cuff measures 3" by 7 1/2" when laying flat. I'd suggest a narrower width for anyone wanting to make their own - 3" is too large not to take the widening of the forearm into account, so my cuff is tight on one edge. I also have a small wrist, so you'll probably want to add some length the other way.

A dear friend arrives tomorrow from Dallas. I'll be taking a little break to have some girl time with her.
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Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

It's cute and fun. I like the way the round buttons echo the round color dots. I also thought *years* from now some textile historian will scratch their head and wonder what the selvage fad was about. :)You're creating history...

eurolush said...

Hi--Came across your blog through bb a while back. Have been secretly vicariously through all your sewing projects and thrifting finds. Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Based on your recommendation, I recently bought Karen Griska's "Quilts from the Selvage Edge." Am hoping to make something from the bags and bags of selvages I've been hoarding. (If I can ever get motivated, that is.)

Your selvage quilt was marvelous, by the way.