Thursday, October 8, 2009

thrifty thursday - part two

I cannot pass up wooden spools of thread. Some gets used, some just looks pretty in a large jar in the studio.
Another item I can't resist. Cheap, plastic thimbles. Did anyone ever use these giveaways? They're incredibly uncomfortable to wear, but I like to look at them.

Buttons, buttons. The red ones at the top and bottom are my favorites. I'd like to start working them into some quilts. There were so many more I'd have loved to buy, but this was one notion that wasn't priced dirt cheap. I chose carefully and imagine that since we weren't there right at opening, many of the truly special ones were scooped up early on.

A few odds and ends - some needles in an old package and cotton lace that might find its way into a quilt one of these days. I just loved the packaging on that fabric mender. The notion at the bottom was purchased solely because it had the directions in it. I have another just like it, but had no idea what it was for. Now I know - it's for making bound buttonholes. Haven't tried them yet, but since I have two, I'm happy to photocopy the direction page and mail the second one off to the person who claims it first in the comments.

Plenty more to go today.
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1 comment:

Tuli said...

Bound buttonholes! Who has ever heard of such a thing? Not me.

I'll claim that little gizmo!