Thursday, October 8, 2009

thrifty thursday - part four

Bridge napkins. So sweet. Probably tucked away in a drawer for years. I love to pick these up for lunch napkins at home. They're the perfect size for kids. I think every single one in this picture has already been used. (No, I don't iron them after each washing, they go right into the drawer a little wrinkly, but folded and soft.)
A few little hankies for a future quilt project. The more of these I collect and feel how very fragile those sheer fabrics are, the more I'm convinced this quilt is going to have to be a wall hanging (even if I use a stabilizer on them) rather than a utitily bed quilt that will get frequent washing. Has anyone else tried this?

A few scarves for the wardrobe:
I love vintage Vera scarves. The script in the ivory silk one caught my eye.

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Tuli said...

Those scarves are brilliant. I must find out more about this Vera person and her scarves.

Google, here I come.

cle usb said...

It is very nice collection of Hankies. I like all. They are so beautiful. Wendy you did a good job. I appreciate it. It is nice to post here.