Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well that break was not supposed to go on for so long...
A lot happened around here in that time. A few days before my last post, I woke up with a sore throat. That disappeared and was replaced by complete exhaustion - just in time for the workers we had scheduled to come finish up some house projects.
While I slogged through the days, crown molding was added to most of the first floor.
Four closet doors were replaced by nicer, louvered ones. All of them needed to be painted. Do you know how long it takes to paint a louvered door? Far too long. I was feeling better by last weekend. Well enough to paint the doors, install the doorknobs and have a lovely time at Poppy's Halloween party.
(These lead to my closet, I won't bore you with pictures of all of them)

On Monday I woke up feeling great. I shouldn't have been so excited though. By lunchtime, I felt like an anvil was on my chest. Breathing was a chore and I got scared. Going to the ER frightened me even more because I was sure I'd catch something else just sitting there. A visit to the doctor the following day resulting in this:

It looks like I have virally induced asthma. The good news is that the rescue inhaler made a huge difference and I didn't have the flu (either kind), bronchitis or pneumonia.
I've got a few pictures in the draft file of things that were completed before I got hit with all this and hope to have a few more posts in the coming week. I have to excuse myself now, there's a lot of crown molding to be painted. (I'm not going to push it. I just want to get the foyer, which is not heated, done before this 60 degree weather disappears until spring.)
In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the new details in the house and the ability to take a deep breath and yawn.
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Tuli said...

Does virally induced asthma go away? I sure hope so.

Love the new crown molding!

Poppy Buxom said...

Yes, it's lovely. And I hope I don't get to call you "Weezer" for more than a couple of days.

blackbird said...

Oh! My poor friend!
Feel well soon!

Anonymous said...

Virally induced asthma???? What else will we have to hear ...
So sorry about that and hope it goes away in a wink.

Amy said...

Sorry about the asthma, but now you can totally use it as an awesome excuse to get out of things, i.e. "Sorry, I wanted to run the marathon this year, but this crazy asthma put a crimp in my plans." Then you can gesture to your inhaler and roll your eyes.

LOVE the crown molding. I need some in my house. Except I am never remodeling again. Ever. So I can dream.