Thursday, October 1, 2009

thrifty thursday

I'm out thrifting with Poppy today.
Not sure I'll have this kind of luck again:
One thing I don't seem to have luck finding would be vintage quilts - even cutters. I was in a local thrift store checking out the consignment section when I spotted these folded up on a table. I held my breath as I headed over. Surely they would be horribly stained or torn. No, they were in good condition. Time to check the price and realize I couldn't justify the expense. The few times I have spotted a vintage quilt the price tag was hefty. When I looked and saw $35 for each I grabbed them so quickly I startled another shopper. And it was 10% off consignment tags that day!
The quilts are hanging in the community room where my quilting group meets. We have a line for show and tell each week where we all bring in quilts we've found like these, or projects that we've completed.
I love the fabric in this block:

I don't have any history on them. They were hand pieced and quilted with flannel on the inside. I found that out repairing a few small spots on them. If you look carefully at the picture you can see that they appear to be exact replicas of one another. I haven't checked every single block, but it does look that the placements of each fabric are the same for both quilts. I'm guessing that they were well used because the binding is gone and the edges have been turned in and machine edgestitched in place. The repair was nicely done, but because they aren't in pristine condition I'm thinking I can cut them for future projects without too much guilt. The ladies at my quilting group have given me their blessing for this. ; )
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Anonymous said...

After what I commented in your last post, this kind of stabbed me, right in the stomach.
Beautiful. Times two.

Tuli said...

Oooh! I love Spot-The-Difference puzzles. After a quick glance, I spied 5 difference between the quilts.