Tuesday, January 15, 2008

adventures in thrifting - part 1

I've had some new visitors since blackbird posted about the big party weekend. Figured I'd better get something new going on over here to keep up.
So, she showed you what DIDN'T get purchased at the thrift shop(thankfully). Not that my stash needs to get any bigger, but there were some things that had to come home with me.

I know I don't knit. But look at the cover.

And the back too!

There were vintage hankies to be had. With Chinese on them no less. All are for projects that don't yet exist.

This, however, was the find of the day. All of these were crammed in a quart sized baggie for $2.00. When I opened it up at home, the selection was better than I thought. Lots of vintage goodness, buckles, mother-of-pearl, the list could go on.

I spy anchor buckles of which there are two, a button with flowers and several that are blue.


blackbird said...

I didn't know you bought the button bag! I'm so glad you didn't let me talk you out of it...wasn't I a Negative Nancy?

Wendy said...

I think we both thought the original price - $4.00 was too high, but I found out that it was half off because the tag was orange. Sold!