Monday, January 28, 2008

gifts from the kids

I think this is all of it for the holiday season. At least as much as I'm going to put up for this year.

Ellie used her looper loom to make potholders for the grandmas. I remember having only nasty nylon loops in garish colors when I was little(and I walked 10 miles to school - each way - uphill). The looms I found thrifting had a ton of nice cotton loops which made for thicker results, but we found that they aren't as easy for little fingers to use.

Glenn used a Klutz book on bottlecap art to make sets of pushpins or magnets for some of the people on his list. He tailored this set to "Uncle Monkey" who writes for a living.

Friends and relatives with cats received toys for their pets. Glenn designed this fishing pole toy using bamboo stakes from our garden supplies, fishing line and feathers out of the craft bin.

Ellie decided to sew some felt mice and stuff them with catnip. According to one auntie, the cats love them.

Getting the kids started on this stuff earlier should go on my list of things to remember next year.


blackbird said...

That you even thought to do it is commendable.

Susie Sunshine said...

So my little Trixie just sat on her little ass while everyone else worked?!
I cannot believe Ellie tolerated that kind of slackery!