Friday, January 25, 2008

oh, the cuteness!!

Could you just eat this guy up?

Meet Nate, Chip and Norma's new baby. He's been home just about a month now.

I'm thrilled to have a new little boy to sew for. He obviously needed a new bib -

and robot.

And Norma, I'm very impressed - you've already mastered the skill of taking pics of him for friends in the outfits they've handed down to you. You learn fast!


Chris said...

He is SO adorable, such a great toothy smile! Great bib and I love the robot.

normajean716 said...

Grasshopper is honored to be learning from the "master". Norma aka Nate's mom

Susie Sunshine said...

Man,those are some kissable cheeks!

(Oh and the sewn stuff is nice too, Wendy but JUST LOOK AT THAT CUTE BABY!! :-)