Monday, January 28, 2008

resolution update 1

I thought a monthly progress check would keep me from the insanity of this past holiday season.

With that in mind, I've managed to:

Learn how to add links to the blog(but I still need to add the crafty links) - thank you blackbird!

Start the Beatrix Potter cross stitch I want for next Christmas. I estimated that there are about 12,500 cross stitches in this one. I'm about 1/8 into it which is exactly why this one needed to be started now. I have a tendency to work on these a lot for a few weeks and then I won't touch them for months before starting up again.

Burn CD's of all of our pictures from the time I switched over to Picasa(Oct '07) through December. Then I figured out how to make a CD of various pictures from the entire year for family using that program. Okay, this wasn't on my original list, but it REALLY needed to get done. Hear that grandmas? I have CD's for you. Finally.

Up in February, hopefully more of the fun sewing on that list.

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