Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Resolutions may not be the best title for this post. Crafting goals might be more apropriate. I'm hoping that I'll be more accountable if I actually write them here. So, for 2008 I hope to-
Give the Christmas Year Round challenge that I abandoned last April another go, but with some modifications. I think I'll call it Holidays Year Round because there are some projects I'd like done for Halloween as well as Christmas. So I can really get annoyed with myself if very little happens (or be pleased if they get made), here's my list of projects that I've been thinking about.
  1. full apron for myself
  2. wool felt tote and purse
  3. candy bowl done with papers Trish brought me
  4. trick-or-treat bags for the girls
  5. some sort of Halloween quilt


  1. smocks for the girls out of Santa fabric
  2. tote using vintage Christmas house fabric
  3. apron using vintage Christmas house fabric
  4. new Beatrix Potter cushion
  5. fabric Christmas trees for girls' dollhouse
  6. nightgowns for the girls and their dolls using cherry blossom fabric
  7. pajama pants for Chris, Glenn and me

Make a dress form out of duct tape(this blog is called Martha MACGYVER for a reason, you know). On a related note - locate article on this in my Threads back issues. Also, beg Trish to come visit soon to help with this.

Make 2008 The Year of the Skirt and finally sew up all the fabric I've set aside for my summer alternative to shorts. Know that Tim Gunn, Stacy London, and Clinton Kelly would be proud.

Learn at least 2 more stitches on the serger to improve my current status as a one stitch wonder.

Figure out how to add links on the side of my blog. Add this to the list of things I'll ask blackbird and Angie to help me do.

Looks like a full year.

Happy New Year everyone!


blackbird said...

You should make a list of things like the links...we can do it when I'm there.

Carol said...

I can see you knocking this out in a few weeks. Come up with a real challenge! Look at your production in December alone.