Friday, January 18, 2008

trixie's got a brand new bag

Oh look, another bag made with two fabrics separated by a ribbon or twill tape. I can claim this one is a little different since I gave it a drawstring closure.

The look turned out pretty Mary Engelbreit in style, but it works perfectly for it's purpose - a place to store Trixie's "sewing" supplies.

Santa brought my little crafter a threading loom this year. It fits inside perfectly with her lacing cards.

Before too long this one will be sewing her own quilts.


Carol said...

Absolutely darling! The bag is nice too.

Chris said...

Such a cute bag. And little Trixie is just darling, she has such a look of concentration.

blackbird said...

You know, when I was there EATING HER UP WITH A SPOON, I noticed that she has amazing fine motor skills. She may well be sewing quilts soon.