Wednesday, January 9, 2008

yep, another gift

Sent this shirt off to a little cousin that lives out east. It's a store bought shirt with an embroidery pattern from Sublime Stitching.

The cats wrap around the side of the shirt.

A stitching close-up (sorry it's so dark - the shirt had been mailed by the time I realized how dark it was). Done in split stitch with 4 strands of floss. Note to self - do whiskers in only two strands next time.


Amy A. said...

How is it that I have missed your wonderful blog all this time? I read blackbird everyday and I see today she is visiting you so I decided to come take a peek.

I will be back! I love all your crafts and your children are lovely. Have a great weekend!

Trish said...

Since I've now mastered the split stitch thanks to the lessons you gave me the last time, I'll need to get a copy of this pattern. I have a couple of friends with little girls who would love this and neither are crafty/stitchy at all. They'll be very impressed with my skills!

Anonymous said...

That looks so good!
Do you have any tips for embroidering on t-shirt fabric? I tried once with a small embroidery hoop, but was too frightened of stretching the hem out of shape to tighten it too much and it was only half successful.
Merci beaucoup!

Wendy said...


I don't use a hoop at all because of the stretching issue. I just hold the fabric in my hand and use a light touch when pulling the stitches through. It also helps to use fewer strands of floss - I was pushing it doing this pattern with 4, but I wanted it to really stand out from the fabric. If you have more questions just email me.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I followed a little blackbird over here.
This is one of my favorite kinds of blogs. Crafts and Cute kids!
Mine are 20-somethings but I still remember sewing tiny little puffy sleeves into dresses and nightgowns for the American Girl. She had knitted sweaters, too.