Friday, June 27, 2008

the knife guy

I love that we live in a place where someone like this man still comes around once a year to sharpen knives. Last year I was lucky enough to hear the bells of his cart when I was home and caught him when he reached our block. Some summers I've missed him entirely. This year we spotted him while walking about 10 blocks from home. Not only did we run over and ask when he'd be by our house, but I got on my cell phone to let a friend know that he was mere blocks from her home and to get her knives ready for him. (This same friend has been known to drive around with her kitchen knives looking for him, so in the interest of her safety, a heads up call was in order.)

I imagine if he was in blackbird's neighborhood, she'd be good friends with him by now. About all I know is he does wonders for my sewing scissors. (One year he asked Chris, "Your wife, she sew?" when Chris handed him about 5 pairs of shears. When Chris nodded he was told, "You lucky man, not too many women do the sewing these days". So we also know he's a smart man.)

The paper ran a story on him last year. Someone had stolen his van. His cart was inside. Unfortunately, it was never found. This cart is a new one. Still works as well as the old one.

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blackbird said...

You're right - I'd know all about him and know all his stories.
We have a knife man who comes in an old green truck. I thought I heard his bell last week but never saw him.