Monday, June 16, 2008

the yard - phase one

This is the year. Every year we say, "next year we're going to fix the lawn". And every year another season passes us by. But not this time. The electricity went out in the garage last fall and the only way to fix the problem was to run a new line out there. That meant a trench was dug through the lawn. (I use the term "lawn" loosely because our lawn was really a small patch of clover and creeping charlie with a few blades of grass trying desperately to claim some ground.)

Replacing the grass in the area that was trenched became a good reason to get off our bums and get moving.

Phase one - kill off all the nasty stuff.

While I wait, I'm enjoying a few new plants. As much as I think I want a cottage type garden I'm drawn to more exotic things at the garden center. These are asiatic lilies. I believe this one is 'tiny ghost'.

And for Poppy, a poppy that just bloomed. Good thing I took a picture, because the recent storms have blown off all the petals.

The landscapers have since come and removed the dead stuff, added new mulch and seeded. Today we noticed a green hue out there! More pictures as things progress.

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Poppy Buxom said...

Thanks for the poppy! Can you believe I don't have any? That's just wrong.