Thursday, June 26, 2008


The only thing better than finding a huge bag of vintage laces is not having to hunt for it myself. My mom brought this home from her vacation for me. The picture doesn't really show how much was in there. Some is good only for cutting, but there are other decent sized pieces that have more possibilities.

I love this spider web design. I think of Halloween when I see it.

Some great trims.

I like the idea of using it in something artsy (read: not on clothing for the girls). Any suggestions?


blackbird said...

Trim a lampshade.
Frame some on black paper.
Make bows for gift wrapping.

MsCellania said...

I'm not a lacy kind of girl, but I'll send Paula (mixed with sugar) right over...

paula said...


Do you ever do any collage work?

Or crazy quilt?

Or both?

Do you share your toys? Heh-heh ;).