Friday, June 20, 2008

patchwork aprons

I finished a project that has been in my sewing room for months. It got started this past winter at a serger workshop. We serged charm pack squares together to form patchwork fabric. Once there was enough for the main body, a coordinate was added for the pocket and the shape was cut out. I didn't care so much for the patterns the shop had on hand. Mine was simply cut by laying an old Williams Sonoma apron over the top and following the curves.

Once most of mine was done, I realized I had a ton of charm squares left. Matching daughter aprons were in order. Bias tape to finishes them off. In keeping with my goal of whittling down the stash (or at least using some of what I have so I can justify buying more), the trim is pretty narrow because it was the only size I had handy.

I love how neatly the serger finished off the back. Not sure how I lived without it for so long.

The pocket is finished off pretty cool as well. The seam on the botttom is hidden inside the pocket. Hard to explain in words, but you put the pocket right side facing the wrong side of the apron body when you sew the seam. Then flip it to the front. (It's easier to try it with a few pieces of fabric to see how it works.) You can see the seam hidden in the bottom of the pocket here.

I suppose the girls will be wanting to cook something now.


Rebekah C said...

these are too cute! I've got to get a serger sometime soon...there's so many useful and cool things that you can do with them.

Patty said...

For months, I have been wondering what a serger is (and why I didn't just Google it, I have no idea) and now I know. Thanks for showing your work and what the serger does. The aprons are really cute!