Thursday, June 5, 2008

let the countdown begin

Susie volunteered me to come up with an apropriate way to mark time until our Bloghere '08 conference at blackbird's home.

Remember making paper chains to mark the days til Santa came? Same idea.

The ladies got an envelope in the mail this week with 40 strips of paper cut from an old encyclopedia volume. Each had a number from 1 to 40 stamped on it. The assembly is up to them. Susie and I think this activity might be a good kindergarten post-test for her littlest one. I'm not holding my breath that Poppy will glue them all together. Use them as bookmarks, maybe, but gluing or taping them, no.

And for MsCellania, this is a little peek at my sewing area. I decided to hang the chain in my favorite part of the house. Tomorrow I get to tear off the first link.


Poppy Buxom said...

So here I was thinking I'd thread a needle and sew through the middle of each one and make a very blackbird-ish Anthropologie-ish display of four different strands of 10 counters.

But now that I've been outed as a NON-CRAFTER I'll just set fire to one a day.

And I hope you're satisfied.

Rebekah C said...

cute idea!

Wendy said...


I laughed so loudly I scared Trixie! Burning them would be so much more satisfying than tearing one off each day.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Blackbird, she'll probably do something very artistic with her paper chain. (Not to put any pressure on you Bb!)