Monday, March 2, 2009

angel wings

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago right after Ellie got it from us for Valentine's Day. I'm so sick of the fairy wings they have that are made with nylon stretched over a frame. My girls really PLAY with them and every pair gets trashed within a few weeks. (The wings for Ellie's Halloween costume were part of a Tinkerbell outfit that met that fate. I recovered the frame with lace for her princess outfit.)
Not long before Christmas I ran across Sew Pretty Homestyle Christmas at the library and saw this adorable pattern. I'm usually short on time for projects before the holidays, but tucked the idea away for a future present. In fact, this would make a great present for a friend's birthday paired with a simple tulle skirt. I love that the fabric can't run, and the size keeps them from clearing nearby tables when the girls decide twirling is in order.
You can almost see a halo in this shot.

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