Wednesday, March 25, 2009

dot to dot backpack

Our little friend, Nate, turned 2.

Just the right age to need some entertaining at a restaurant. That was the plan for his gift this year. It's a small backpack that holds crayons in the outer pocket. The inside holds a small notebook, a dot to dot book, a toy plane and a little magnetic game (remember the ones where you put a beard on the face?).

I used a pattern from a magazine, but threw it out after finishing this. This is one of those things I was just better off listening to my instinct. It's VERY thick. I used some thrifted cordouroy in green with flannel for the lining, pockets and straps. It's also quilted. As I said, it's THICK. The binding at the top had to be added to hide the mess created by quilting all the layers after the instructions told me to sew them into the panel first. It all turned out fine in the end. And the fix didn't take long. It was just one more step when I'd have preferred to have the whole thing done.

He seems to like it and with any luck, his parents can enjoy a meal out very soon.

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MsCellania said...

I could STILL use one of these - and mine are 7 and 8!
We are not yet caving to the demands for PS2 or other hand-held devices. We want to TALK WITH our children for awhile yet.