Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ellie's tee

Today is Ellie's turn. She spotted a teeshirt from Lands End that she loved. The store was out of her size, so we set about making our own version with a brown shirt they did have in her size.
This one was made the same way as Trixie's - wonder under to hold the pieces in place and a tight zig zag stitch. I forgot to mention yesterday that I also use a tear away stabilizer underneath the area to be worked (I spray baste it to the wrong size of the tee shirt, but pinning would work too). That extra step prevents the tee from stretching all over the place and is worth the time it takes to remove it when all the sewing is done.

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Sorry, but I can't remember where the chipmunk patch is from. The buttons are out my stash as were the fabrics. Grandma Bev - do you recognize the top of the tree?

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Both of the shirts are adorable. I really love the apples.