Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one down, five to go

The first thing I'm hoping to check off my spring break to do list:
Remember that dining set I thrifted? It's finally time to glue them where needed and recover the seats. Nearly hitting the floor when I sat in one last week was a gentle reminder. The joints have loosened that much on some of them.

One by one, they ought to be done by the end of the week.
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One Reader said...

Wonderful, I olve the color.

One Reader said...

sorry, Love the color

MsCellania said...

I'm admiring your nicely-turned corners. Is the fabric sueded?

Wendy said...

One Reader, the color is pretty close to the color of the walls in the dining and living rooms. I lucked into a bolt with 8 yards of the stuff on clearance for $1/yd!

MsCellania, the fabric is sort of brushed more than sueded, but good eye! It's a bottom weight twill - the same fabric I put on the back of blackbird's quilt. Also, the key to the corners is pulling them VERY tight and a lot of staples.