Friday, March 6, 2009

wee robot

I almost forgot to post what I made for Glenn for Valentine's Day.

He'd been eyeing this pattern by Hilary Lang in the Softies book for some time.

In the interest of time, I did as much as possible on the face by machine. The "mouth" is a great utility stitch to use for stuff like this.

The arms weren't too hard once I got out a doll needle that was long enough to push through the body with some accuracy. I'd also recommend making sure you use VERY thick yarn to wrap the arm wires or you'll be wrapping for a very long time to get them nice and full.

Now I have to take the wee guy back to his leader.

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Tuli said...

He is just too cute.

my word verify is ingsparp. Sounds like a word that would be in this little guy's vocabulary.

Rebekah said...

this is so cool! Such a fun and unique gift!

Trish said...

I love this! It looks a bit like Maggie when she's all freaked out.

MsCellania said...

Are those old garter hooks?!
Best use EVAH!
I have my grandma's old cigar boxes full of rick-rack, old snaps, bias tape, elastic, buttons, garter hooks, you name it. Would've never thought of any re-use for the metal stuff.

Wendy said...

MsCellania - They're the hooks from a trashed pair of overalls, but garter hooks would work great and be an even better size! I think your boys could use some robots of their own.