Thursday, March 5, 2009

thrifty thursday

Looks like I'm hopping on that craft blogger bandwagon of doll obsession.
I found these the same day as the desk for Trixie.
This one isn't handmade, but I love the dotted swiss fabric. The elastic didn't survive a good soak and washing (the dots were a murky tan when I bought it), but that's easily fixed. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll fit one of the girls' baby dolls.
Not sure what doll this would have gone with. A teddy bear perhaps? I just love the piping on it.

This group thrilled me - The calico dress is hard to see, but it has eyelet trim on the straps. The top with the ricrac trim is so sweet. And really, how could I pass up a Barbie kilt?

This was the show stopper for me though-

The back has a pleat and I can't stop staring at those tiny cuffs and collar.
If Ellie doesn't play with it, I will. In fact, this just might have to hang on my wall for a bit. I've got to have wire around here somewhere to make tiny little hangers.
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Susie Sunshine said...

I would SO wear that red dress if it were sized up a bit.

Poppy Buxom said...

If you find anything to fit a circa 1962 Madame Alexander Elise doll, let me know. Mine is really suffering for some new clothes.

heather jane said...

Oh my goodness. That little red coat is too cute. I would wear that if I could find it in big girl size. I really would. Just because.