Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bo peep skirts

I think I broke a record for buying a book and making something from it with these skirts. The book was home for about an hour before I started cutting fabric. By the end of the afternoon, this skirt was finished. The pattern is from Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner.

Easy, easy, easy to sew. Even easier to cut out (I hate that part of sewing). You can use your rotary cutter for this pattern since it's all rectangles based on a few calculations in the book.
I did use a few specialty presser feet to make the job faster - my ruffler and the edgestitching foot (bernina #10). My serger was pressed into service to avoid the french seams. Not that french seams are hard, just more time consuming and I'm all about what I can whip out fast right now.

I even cut into the matryoshka doll fabric I've been saving for a worthy occasion. The brown polka dot band is actually fabric, but this would be a great way to showcase some beautiful ribbon.
The skirts look great coming -

and going.

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heather jane said...

I made one for my two year old a while back. I love this pattern and have already been imagining the other ways I can interpret a variation on a theme.

Yours turned out really cute.

MsCellania said...

I still dress my boys alike, but they will only tolerate it when we travel. But for some reason, they delight in being 'twinsies!' at bedtime, and joyfully wear matching pajamas.
I remember the Sunshine Family! I tried to talk my parents into buying it for my younger sister (14 years younger than I), but they wouldn't do it. She was into Breyer horses - I wanted the Sunshine family for ME - at 19 years!!

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