Thursday, March 12, 2009

thrifty thursday

This was a hand-me-down from one of the lovely quilters that I see every Tuesday.
I haven't made barbie clothes yet even though I have some of the reissued vintage patterns. Those pieces are just so tiny - not that I haven't gotten myself into miniature work in the past. However, the gown and cape on the bottom row look easy and cute.
The pattern dates from my junior high through high school years. I can remember making a skirt and track suit like the ones in the top row for myself. The track suit even had some frightening polyester or nylon trim stripes down the arms and legs. I remember the skirt's waistband not quite going on right and just pinning the damn thing when I wore it. There's photographic evidence of the skirt somewhere in my photo albums. Fortunately, the track suit has been lost to history.
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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

That must be the 1970's version. My REAL wedding gown looked like the one on the pattern.

My Mom knitted some clothes for our Barbies on the smallest size needles and fingering yarn.

I thought sewing clothes for the American Girls was hard!