Wednesday, December 19, 2007

can you believe he goes to a public school?

Here's a little diversion while I continue to work on the list of things I can't post pictures of until after the holiday.
We love the Magic Cabin catalog around here. Another arrived before the holidays with a picture of a star shaped doll(I'd have linked to it, but it's no longer on the site). Glenn thought it was cute and wanted to order it - until he read the description and found it was much larger than he pictured it. No problem. "I think I can make what I want, mom."
Felt was pulled out, freezer paper templates explained and promises to use my very sharp scissors VERY carefully were extracted.

A little wooden bead head was pulled out from the bunch I thrifted a few months ago and set atop a pipe cleaner armiture. (He was most proud of the structural work in this project.)

I edgestitched all of the pieces for him(I'll let him touch just about any tool other than my machine - not ready for that just yet) He fit them over the pipe cleaner and glued it all in place. Trixie's little, 2 year-old hand gives some good size perspective.

There are sketches for a whole series of these...


blackbird said...

Cute project, cute boy!

Carol said...

That is so much fun! Love it! How about a tree full?

Jackson can make...a high score on some gamecube game?

Trish said...

Hum...sewing...another point goes in Maggie's column!

Susie Sunshine said...

Just when I think Glenn can't get any groovier.........he does.