Friday, December 21, 2007

woolen goodies

A few more items from my Christmas year round challenge. I'd like to say these were inspired by Turkey Feathers, but they're actually a pretty close replica to a set she made. I fell in love with hers and couldn't think of a way to make them any nicer than she had, so... (The pattern is a free one from Little Birds Handmade.)
The materials were things I had on hand - vintage lace, buttons, and fabric for the tree bottoms from my Grandma Bev's stash. The evergreen design I drew freehand. The wool felt was washed and dried before being sewn to give it a more mottled look.
The plan had been to make a set of these for the girls' room in cheerier fabric. I'll be adding that to a list of things to do in 2008 because it isnt' happening between now and Tuesday.

I also started to cut into the pile of wool sweaters that I thrifted ages ago. It's about time - sweaters take up an ENORMOUS amount of space. They went straight from the thrift shop into the washer and dryer on hot. Pretty cool how they come out so thick and felted. The mittens below are the sleeves of one of them. They make a cute decoration, but I need some serious work on my pattern drafting for these if I intend to make a pair that can actually be worn by someone other than lobsterboy. There's no room for the palm of the hand before you hit the wrist portion.

Christmas needs to get here now. I have very little to post before I start ruining surprises and put gifts up.

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Jackie said...

Cool trees and mittens.

Do you have any easy tree skirt patterns to post. I washed mine and turned it a lovely shade of pink, so I think I'll need to make(or buy) a new.