Thursday, December 27, 2007

for the fashionista on your list

What do you give to a woman with an impeccable wardrobe and a collection of Manolo Blahniks?

A book on Channel, Manolo Blahnik Drawings, and shoe bags for her travels to Europe and other parts of the globe.

Buttons were added to the drawstring closures like a slide to keep them closed. They also distinguish a pair since I used the same fabric for both sets.

This button is a reproduction style that's at Joann's.

This one is from a bridesmaid's dress. (Bonus points to any friend that can identify the wedding.) I thought Brooke would like the bling factor these have.

And to round out the gift - Ellie sewed a pair of sachets to tuck into some beautiful shoes at the end of a long day.


Carol said...

Just a guess, Roseann's wedding?

Susie Sunshine said...

Dear Ellie,

I have LOTS of stinky shoes!


blackbird said...

Who is the lucky friend?
Me, right?!