Thursday, December 13, 2007

notes to self

Okay Angie and Jackie, you wanted organizational stuff, this is all I can manage when I'm not holed up in the basement trying to finish up gifts - unless you want pictures of the million lists I've made - which, sadly, do not magically get all the items done just by writing them down.

I started doing this a few years ago. Instead of opening the box of garland every year and spending hours trying to figure out where each piece fit(and swearing a lot), I labeled them one year. When each one comes down in January, the tag gets tied on with bright yarn before I cram it back in the bin. The following year, I'm greeted by these little cards that make decking the halls much faster.

I don't even remember writing this note to myself. I must have seen something in a magazine after I'd already decorated or taken things down.

I'm pretty happy with the results. It's like a little decorating time capsule.

This has nothing to do with organization, it's just to make Angie smile after oral surgery. It's my go-to outfit for all holiday parties this year. I have to make sure I'm fashionably late though, so everyone can see the coat in all it's glory before I have to remove it. It belonged to my grandmother and has awesomely huge buttons covered in the same velvet. The collar is like a scarf that runs though a beautiful bound buttonhole on one side. The 3/4 sleeves show off C's grandmother's long black gloves. And to top the whole outfit - my new sequined Vera Bradley anniversary edition bag.

My face is not in the picture because I forgot to make sure my son was standing on a chair when taking the picture. Upward angle = many chins.


Carol said...

I do love that coat! The advantage of being a smaller person is that you can wear those fabulous vintage treasures. How about a close up of the bag?

blackbird said...

You look (from the chins down) beautiful.
At the top of our decorations box is a sheet of paper with a list of what goes where...thank god.

Susie Sunshine said...

Oh how I love your outfit!!!!!!