Friday, December 28, 2007

gifts for Glenn

Have you read The Indian in the Cupboard? Glenn loved it, so I set about finding a cupboard to make one for him. This summer I came across this at the salvation army. It used to be a distressed seafoam green color with a star nailed to the front.

The star got pried off, white paint applied, and a hole was drilled for the key. I can't remember for the life of me where I got the key - it's been hanging around my craft stuff forever and may actually work on the basement door of our old house. A red ribbon was slipped through the key to complete the transformation. The rest is up to Glenn's imagination. It has just enough room in there for a varied assortment of dime store indians, cowboys and the occassional knight or dragon.

Next up is a chef's apron to match the two I made for Chris. There's a large patch pocket on the front with a loop for a kitchen towel. The fabric is a heavy twill.

What can you embroider for a ten year old boy? An alien, of course. Just a little reminder of Halloween this year. The pillow cover was bought at the thrift store for $.50. I drew an alien's head on it with a chalk pencil and split stitched away. The eyes are black, wool felt blanket stitched in place.

He seemed pretty happy with it all. It's kind of hard to compete with Santa when he brings a Wii for the family, though.

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