Friday, December 7, 2007

pram quilt

Catching up again on some spring/summer sewing project posts.
Yet another doll quilt. This one's a little larger than the otheres because of the needlepoint blocks I used for the center. Susie found them at a garage sale for a quarter(or some ridiculous price like that - I live in fear of the kids throwing all of my unfinished projects into a box at a garage sale when I'm gone). A few had stains, but they came out in the wash. The workmanship in them is incredible.
The border fabrics are from my stash, both thrifted and new. The center piece is a fussy cut square from a piece of fabric that I didn't like as a whole. That little flower motif worked perfectly here though. (Things like that don't help my reluctance to throw out any piece of fabric.)

The blocks are stipple machine quilted with some straight line quilting both in the ditch and accenting the borders.

Time for a walk.


Carol said...

it is all divine, the thrift deal, the fabrics, your work, the little animal stitchery, that darling girl...

Junie Moon said...

What a delightful little quilt! I read about this on the Turkey Feathers blog and wanted to pop in and see it for myself. Truly adorable!