Wednesday, April 22, 2009

back saver

This came from a reader's tip I saw in Threads some time ago.
Why I didn't try it when I first read it is beyond me. The tip was to place 4 coffee cans under the legs of the table you use for cutting. It raises the height just enough to reduce back strain. I can tell you, it works. I'm not sure I'd be as comfortable with this trick if my table was on a hardwood or tile floor though. The carpet grips the open end of the can a bit which I think is safer. However, I wouldn't really lean into the table too hard. I'm no longer dreading cutting out patterns or rotary cutting parts for a quilt because of how much pain I'll be in the next day.
*I think the original tip also called for filling the cans with plaster of paris to make them heavier and therefore, more stable. Perhaps I'll get around to that in a few more years.
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jacquie said...

i need to do this...i think the back ache is one of the reasons i hate cutting so much.

Stef said...

My desk(an old WWII era metal monster) is on concrete blocks. It's so much better to cut at this height!