Tuesday, April 7, 2009

yes, another sock monkey project

More applique work on tee shirts. Recognize that block? It's the same paper pieced one I used in Lynn's block this month. This was actually a practice run I tried a few months ago. It sat on the sewing table for ages waiting for something to happen with it.
This shirt is for Trixie, but Ellie has the same long sleeved brown tee with a tree applique. I'm trying not to make everything in twos even though the girls tell me that they love to dress like twins. (I swear they're into it. Honest.) Ignore the major wrinkles, please. For some reason the automatic folder and put on a hanger function on my dryer is broken. The wrinkles didn't look so bad in real life.
To finish the edges of the block I sewed it to a same size piece of muslin, right sides together all the way around the edges with a 1/4" seam. Then I cut a slit in the muslin, trimmed the corners, turned the block right side to through the opening and pressed it flat. It's blanket stitched to the shirt with embroidery floss.

I still have bits of that monkey fabric left. I think it reproduces in my scrap bag.
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Kristi said...

Super cute! I love sock monkeys.