Tuesday, April 21, 2009

mail call

I forgot to post this around Valentine's Day. Around January, the kids got really interested in mail - at least the girls did. Ellie's love of writing isn't limited to signs right now. We get a LOT of handwritten notes, as does her teacher. To encourage her, we put mailboxes on our doors.
They each decorated a shoe box.
Ellie got busy with letters right away.

We pulled out an old toy to serve as the central post office (though that didn't last more than a few days - they preferred to deliver stuff straight to the proper mailbox instead).

The boxes were hung with 3M velcro picture hangers. One sticky side went on the back of the boxes near the center top, the other half on the wall. They sort of lock together when pressed into place. The lids held onto the front of the boxes just fine without any glue or tape which made getting into them to retrieve mail very easy. Slots were cut into the boxes on the top or the side to deliver the letters.

Most lasted about 2 months before getting too banged up. I think I'll consider some fabric pockets I can hang on the doors as a more permanent solution since they enjoyed them so much.
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