Tuesday, April 28, 2009


These jeans make me a little teary-eyed. A friend passed them down to Glenn over 11 years ago. The girls both wore them. We passed them on to sweet, little Nate. Considering he was at least the 5th child to wear them, it's no shock the knees finally gave way.
Not long after he outgrew them, his mom was invited to a baby shower that had a wonderful theme. The mother-to-be requested that all the gifts be used - either something your own children had worn or played with or something you picked up at a resale shop. It's so nice to know another little one will wear them.

The patches are thrifted, vintage, iron-on cordouroy patches that I cut into shapes and zig zagged for more stability. (So easy to do on pants that still snap on the inside seam.)

Chicks in New York pay top dollar for frayed hems like that.
Wear them well, Theodore Penrose.
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Oiyi said...

I love what you did with these jeans. Very cute.

One Reader said...

What an awesome idea for a baby shower.
And what a great gift to pass along - those jeans have seen a lot of love!

normajean716 said...

I just loved these jeans on Nate and was so sad when the knees went! It always made me smile that Glenn, Ellie and Trixie had worn them! Now on to the next wonderful child with fabulous new knees!! Thank you!!

jacquie said...

what a wonderful idea and such a thoughtful gift!