Friday, April 10, 2009

ellie's bulletin board

I hope I'm not the only mother who's kid has to hound her for 2 months to follow through on a promise. Ellie saved up her allowance and gift money to buy her own bulletin board. I got her all excited with the idea of gluing buttons out of her collection onto tacks like I did for her brother's bulletin board a few years ago. We picked out the buttons, discussed how to hang the board and then... nothing. Everytime she asked to move on the project I was in the middle of something. The answer was always "later".
Later finally got here. I can check this one off the to do list of house projects.

This picture was taken right after I put it up and arranged it all so she'd be surprised when she got home from school. She has since "fixed" the display. Tomorrow - pictures of her new obsession that this board now houses - door signage.
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