Sunday, April 26, 2009

the kids

First, thanks for all the nice comments about the stairs! I'm so thrilled to have that job behind me. It was a big one, but not very technical or hard to do. About all you need is a staple gun and some time to do the same. Oh, almost forgot - you'll need some advil the next day for your arms.
The kids have asked for a vegetable garden this year. They got the wrong mother.
Still, we're going to give it a go in a very limited way. We have one spot that gets enough sun - next to the garage - which has now been turned over to them. We're going to limit what we grow to the seedlings we can buy from the youth group sale at church. I've put a rain barrel on the side of the house so they can get water without running the hose. This really is going to be up to them. I do great with gardening stuff for about a month - from now until it gets hot. Them I'm out. Needless to say, I stick to drought tolerant and native plants because they don't get much help from me.

Any suggestions as to what would be easy for them that we should scoop up at the sale? We're also going to do tomatoes in a pot near the back door and some basil in a pot for dad to cook with. I'd like it to be a positive experience for them, so the easier the better for now.

This was Trixie's idea of helping.

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Carol said...

I'm with Trixie!

Trish said...

Rosemary and oregano are good herbs for Chris too.

Poppy Buxom said...

Lettuce and peas like cool weather and don't need a lot of sun. Most vegetables like sun, unfortunately. Most herbs grow in sunny, semi-arid places, so they won't be all that happy, either. Chives would work. Mint does ok in shade but it's so invasive that I only grow it in containers.

Rebekah said...

looks like a fun time!

Vegetables that we can't kill in our garden are bush beans, zucchini, tomatoes and green peppers.

jacquie said...

my kids LOVED a bean teepee...just a few branches tied to make the teepee and let the bean climb up...easy to grow and fun to watch and eat! good for them.